Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shimla update!

I went to the tourism office and asked them if it were possible to get a bus to Reckong Peo over the weekend. They said yes but that there was only one overnight bus. It leaves at 6:30pm and arrives at 4am. I could leave tonight and be there tomorrow! However, in the course of chatting they also said that the office issuing the ILP might not be open on a Sunday, although they couldn't say for sure. Hm. Given that possibility, and the fact that I had already paid for my hotel room for the night, I bought a ticket for the Sunday night bus. I'll get into Peo at 4am Monday the 16th, hopefully find a hotel (more on this later) and then get the ILP. I might even be able to catch a ride overnight to Kaza and be there by Tuesday morning, although I'm not holding out on that one. I'll probably get the 7:30am bus and arrive Tuesday evening.

Another lesson learned: the internet lies about things like bus schedules.

Things that have brightened my mood since the last post: a delicious cold coffee and some reading at the Indian Coffee House, wireless internet signal that I'm (barely) picking up in my hotel room, prospect of a hot shower, and the promise of momos and beer with CK in Kathmandu!

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  1. Indian Coffee House is a good place to kill time in Shimla... And YES. Momos and beer so soon!